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Our job is to help Project Owners plan/manage projects for getting the best team, schedule and value, help Service Providers get/manage projects and help the Construction Industry Go Paperless. We do this by offering free and incredibly affordable interactive templates, tools, advice and as needed assistance virtually or on site. Ideal for anyone opening a business or needs operating advice and assistance.

Who We Are

Constructionplace.com was launched in 1999 by our founder W. Gary Westernoff to sell his popular book Construction Management Made Easy now downloadable. Constructionplace.com’s current mobile responsive design empowers Project Owners and Service Providers to achieve their ultimate goals from project concept through completion while helping the Construction Industry go Paperless while never denying help to anyone for
lack of funds.

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Service Providers

Service Providers focus on the daily details such as the "How", "When" and getting things done. Project Service Providers usually require special training and holding professional licenses such as architects, engineers, and contractors.


Responsibilities include completing the project within the established completion time, budget and quality standards that meet or exceed the industry standards, bidding documents and/or the project specifications.

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