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Are you a Project Owner?

Project Owners focus on the big picture such as the "What", "Who" and "Why". They initiate the project, finance it, contract it out, and benefit from its successful completion.

Responsibilities include defining the scope of work, establishing a completion time and budget, collecting all of the requirements for the project, and hiring support professionals.

Why Find Service, Material and Equipment Providers; request quotes/proposals; get/negotiate bids; get professional advice/help; track Guarantees and Warranties; and easy project management for any size project. All from your mobile device or computer.

Are you a Service Provider?

Service Providers focus on the daily details such as the "How", "When" and getting things done. Project Service Providers usually require special training and holding professional licenses such as architects, engineers, and contractors.

Responsibilities include completing the project within the established completion time, budget and quality standards that meet or exceed the industry standards, bidding documents and/or the project specifications.

Why Make your profile public with work experience, credentials, portfolio and customer reviews; send quotes/proposals and/or bid on projects; link your profile page to your web site, social media page(s) and/or on All from your mobile device or computer.

Are you a Material or Equipment Provider?

Material and Equipment Suppliers focus on providing the highest-quality end products to their customers at exceptional prices while being the unrivaled leader in the market.

Responsibilities include providing outstanding customer service, quality products, timely deliveries, and meaningful guaranties and warrantees.

Why Make your profile and products public; get inquiries about your products and services; link your profile page to your web site, social media page(s) or as a standalone page on All from your mobile device or computer.